The only eco-responsible solution to treat asbestos

Asbestos waste treatment is a global issue

Europe has to deal with over a million tonnes of asbestos waste a year, with 200KT in France.
Today, more than 95% of asbestos waste from buildings, ships, trains and even airplanes is sent to landfill sites.

Our ambition is to reduce this flow by proposing an innovative, environmentally-friendly chemical process able to treat chrysotile and amphibole fibers. Our solution not only treats the majority of asbestos waste, but also recycle inert by-products from the process in various industries.

Our process in video

The steps of our process

Our new, reliable solution is based on a chemical neutralization that treats free or bound asbestos waste, totally destroying the asbestos fiber.

The various stages of our process are as following:

  •  Milling

    • Waste shredding phase in a confined environment to ensure operator safety
  • Reaction

    • Low-temperature reaction phase
  • Filtration

    • Filtration phase to extract by products resulting from the reaction
  • Valorization

    • Solid and liquid by-products which can be recycled in various industrial application and construction

Asbestos neutralization

Our goals

The advantages of our process solution is the treatment of hazardous waste to produce inert and recyclable materials.
These elements become new materials.

With De Dietrich Waste Recycling, we are actively participating in the circular economy, protecting the environment and the reuse of resources.

The benefits of our process

Our solution enables the complete neutralization of asbestos, and allow the delivery of a certificate of destruction that exonerate all environment liability.
This is a real advantage over landfilling, which involves retaining environmental responsibility for the waste. Our technological innocation has necessitated a change in legislation, redirecting the waste stream towards this sustainable solution.

Clean eco-industrial process

Destroy asbestos permanently

Efficient and safe for the operators

Respect the environment and local population

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