Our solution

Recycle your asbestos waste with our innovative and unique process!

Current situation

Asbestos is a real worldwide public health problem, since it is the cause of many incurable cancers and respiratory deseases.
Thus, several countries have changed their regulation and banned asbestos despite the fact that it is still present in old buildings, in trains but also ships and airplanes…

Today, most of these wastes are buried and this is the reason why De Dietrich wants to play its part in the ecological transition
by offering its innovative asbestos treatment process.

Key figures on asbestos

1.5 Millions

annual flow in the European Union

35 Millions

to be treated in France

3000 products


120 years

of treatment to come

Synergy of three areas of expertise for the benefit of health and environment

De Dietrich Waste Recycling was born of the collaboration between a Corsican inventor, Mr. Paul Poggi, and three Alsatian industrial companies with expertise in their respective fields, from engineering and hazardous waste treatment to the design and supply of process equipment for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.


Why choose De Dietrich ?

De Dietrich is the leading global provider of Process Equipment, Engineered Systems and Process Solutions for the fine chemical, chemical and pharmaceutical industries since 1684.
It is obvious that De Dietrich develops innovative, environmentally-friendly processes such as De Dietrich Waste Recycling.
With this process, we are proving that chemistry can also provide an ecological solution to many environmental problems.

Our solution

We can tailor our solution to your needs, context and issues.

Industrial units

Thanks to its engineering expertise, De Dietrich designs and builds turnkey industrial units tailored to your needs.


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